Candle care tips

There are some simple yet essential precautions that you can take to fully enjoy your candles:

How to Light Your Candle
Light the wick from one side and allow the flame to spread along its entire length. The candle should be left burning for a minimum of one hour each time it is lit in order to allow the top part, which serves as a barrier, to melt. This process helps to prevent the formation of “tunnels” and ensures that wax residue does not accumulate along the edges. It also allows the candle to cool down evenly and level when extinguished. The height of the flame may vary during use and, occasionally, may appear to be extinguished. This is totally normal. Even if the flame appears low, it continues to generate heat, and should regain height during use.
For optimal burning results, we recommend keeping the candle lit for a maximum of four hours.

Maintaining the Wick
To properly maintain the wick, it is important to check its length, because if it is too short, it may not generate enough heat to keep the flame burning, and if it is too long, it could start producing smoke.
The recommended length for the wick is about 1cm.

If you take these precautions, you will no longer wonder why your candle keeps going out.

How to Position Your Candle
Position the candle on a flat, heat-resistant surface and ensure that it is placed far away from children, pets, flammable materials, and other sources of heat. For your safety, only move the candle when the flame is extinguished and the wax has cooled. Removing or pouring out liquid wax could extinguish or damage the wick, compromising proper use of the candle in the future.

How to Extinguish Your Candle
Do not blow on the candle to extinguish it. Blowing air onto a flame actually fuels it, while what extinguishes it is lack of oxygen. Additionally, blowing on a flame creates smoke that can diminish the scent in the room.
Instead, use a pair of tweezers or the tip of scissors to push the wick into the liquid wax that has formed. The flame will go out immediately. Then, return the wick to an upright position. If you follow these simple steps, you will avoid creating smoke and the wick will be perfectly coated in wax for the next time you light the candle.

You were probably asking yourself:
How do I take good care of a candle?
How do I properly use a candle?
How do I avoid damaging a candle?

Now you have the answers. Keep following us to discover the magical world of candles and Cereria Pernici.