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Light up your dreams...
Wax magic...
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A family story...
Experience Christmas with Cereria Pernici...

This line is the iconic historical of cereria pernici, unique and unrepeatable.

The result the innovative and far-sighted creativity of Domenico Pernici in the 1950s, it is the creation that links the company today with its roots and which renews tradition with a modern interpretation. 

Nightflight: this is defined the line of “dresses” candles, enswathed or, rather, wrapped in the famous leaf of metallic and printed wax is defined.

Research and technology today every possible transformation by theme and color, but what these creations convey is that they unique and the unrepeatable.


ø 10 – h 6 cm

ø 10 – 11 cm

ø 10 – 20 cm


Onde - Red

Onde - Green

Onde - Blue

Righe - Blue

Righe - Red

Pois - Blue

Pois - Gold

Pois - Red

Pois - Green

Pois - Gold Black

Pois - Gold Blue

Floreale - Blue

Floreale - Green

Floreale - Red

Floreale - Gold

NewArabesque - Blue

NewArabesque - Green

NewArabesque - Red

NewArabesque - Gold

Arabesque - Gold