How do we produce our wax?

The raw materials we use in our candles are meticulously selected to create scented candles of the highest possible quality.

The heart of a candle is, of course, its wax, which must possess two fundamental characteristics: a relatively low melting point and malleability at room temperature. Candles are all made of wax precisely because these physical characteristics are what make candles work. Waxes can be of plant origin (such as palm wax, soy wax, stearin, etc.), animal origin (such as beeswax, stearin…), mineral origin (such as paraffin), and synthetic origin (quite particular and not used for candles).

Thanks to our expertise, we have selected two types of wax for use in our collections and Private Label projects: SOY and PARAFFIN.

Both waxes possess special qualities that define a candle’s characteristics.

SOY is a 100% natural wax, free from animal by-products.

It ensures excellent combustion and guarantees a longer burn time. It is completely non-toxic, with a delicate fragrance, two characteristics that make this wax precious and unique.

Our PARAFFIN is a highly refined product of mineral origin, recognizable for its transparency when it melts. The fragrances achieve maximum olfactory performance thanks to their extreme purity.

Pernici candles are natural and are made without additives of any kind.

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