Pensieri Stroppiciati: LineaDaria X Pernici

The phrases created for “Pensieri Stropicciati”, the collaboration between Linea Daria and Cereria Pernici, represent a season of warmth and delight, characterised by levity and a desire for well-being. This is a recurring theme that has always been present in Linea Daria’s journey and has found a shared foundation in the values of Cereria Pernici.

“Pensieri Stropicciati” is a collection of candles in fire resistant paper baggies, created in collaboration with Linea Daria, a Bergamo-based brand and creative studio that, with humour and irony, offers a mood, an experience, and a laugh, while also inviting reflection on everyday life and the moments that enrich it and make it special.

Featuring six candles with six unique manifestos and in two fragrances, this collection makes a perfect gift and an ideal decorative object for enhancing one’s home and life.

These practical, environmentally friendly, and exquisitely scented candles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, come in fire resistant paper baggies, and have a pure cotton wick that guarantees a long burn time. The central wick ensures stability and safety, while the paper wrapping allows the light to shine through and illuminate the environment, transforming the candle into an elegant lantern that creates a warm, engaging, and welcoming atmosphere filled with emotions.

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