Candles – FAQ

Are Pernici candles safe to use?

Yes, you can rest assured that numerous independent and certified studies have confirmed that candles are safe to use if burned following the manufacturer’s instructions. We offer safety guidelines on the bottom of our candles and on our candle care page.

Do Pernici candles comply with European regulations?

All our candles comply with European regulations. Our candle wicks are made from 100% natural fibers and contain no lead.

Why does my candle wick sometimes form a “mushroom” shape?

This can happen if soot builds up on your candle wick. Simply blow out the candle, cut the wick to a height of no more than 1 cm and re-ignite.

Why is there some wax left in my candle?

For safety reasons, our candles self-extinguish at the end of the candle, with some wax remaining, usually around 1cm. This is to avoid overheating of the glass base of the candle.

What are the costs and delivery times?

We will process your orders within 5 business days