How to choose the right fragrance for your home

The keys in the lock turn and a world opens up.
Fragrances, colours and objects tell the story of the personality and identity of the people who live there every day. This is why knowing how to choose the right fragrance for your home is a kind of choice for which following instinct alone is not enough.

At first glance we may be struck by a fragrance and like it, but this impression may change, especially if we consider that a scented candle or room diffuser will be placed in the intimate spaces where we spend most of the day.
Cereria Pernici offers some advice to guide you in the choice of olfactory furnishings for the home, which, as a place of stories and emotions, needs constant care and attention.


1. Quality essences

It is important to choose quality fragrances that comply with the parameters of CLP, the regulation on the burning of candles. In this, Cereria Pernici can offer a wide choice of high quality products that enhance the essential components of candles and perfumers.


2. Think of others as well as yourself

The home is undoubtedly the place par excellence where you feel at ease, where you lay bare and where you feel more represented; but it is also a welcoming space, where you can spend time with your loved ones.
In order to choose the right fragrance for your home, you need to think about the impact a fragrance can have on your guests.
You need to find a balance between your own personal taste and pleasure and the sensation that the fragrance will give to those who walk through the door.


3. Which environment?

Before choosing a fragrance for your home, think about where you want to place the diffuser.
For living areas, warmer and more energising fragrances with hints of citrus, wood and spices (patchouli, bergamot, orange blossom, tonka bean, sandalwood) are best. For sleeping areas, we recommend more delicate fragrances with relaxing properties such as lavender, musk, lily of the valley and cotton.


4. A scent for every season

Fragrances are closely related to the seasons, as the temperature of the room and the body temperature affect the perception of fragrances and our mood.
When the weather is warmer, we recommend choosing cooler fragrances with citrus notes such as orange, citron and lemon, or fragrances that give a clean feeling such as musk, cotton, lily of the valley, eucalyptus and flowers such as cyclamen and geranium.
During the colder months of the year, spicy and warm fragrances with woody notes such as sandalwood, walnut, clove, but also vanilla and patchouli are ideal.

In order to choose the right fragrance for your home, it is therefore necessary to find the right balance between the emotions that an essence provokes in you and objective aspects related to the environment and the temperature in which the diffuser or candle will be placed.

Visit the shop to discover the details of the fragrances of each product and let yourself be transported into the world of Cereria Pernici.