Les Sens

Luna Park Stick Diffusers 5 Lt

900.00 VAT incl.

Luna park is a place that is not a place, or rather it's an 'other' place. A physical and inthyme territory where you can get lost among the thousand lights that illuminate the night, A space where you can reflect yourself among the many mirrors and rediscover yourself as children again and perhaps even recognize yourselves a little in the faces of the many visitors and carouselers, suspended between a childhood memory and the eternal nomadism that it represents. The fragrance envelops in a sweet and familiar note of warm milk and vanilla. The ancestral memory of cotton candy. But it is also much more. It depends on who lives it. On who you want to be. It depends on what you want to remember. And enlighten, perhaps.

Head Notes: Warm milk, Ionic vanilla Heart notes: Jasmine petals Base notes: Almond blossom

Do not expose to heat sources

about 10/12 months

For optimal diffusion: rooms over 60 m2