Home Capsule

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A new capsule collection dedicated to the place for which it was conceived: home. A sophisticated design with a light background on which an elegant and translucent botanical graphic is embellished with laminated gold lettering. When you light the four candles together, a unique and delicate aromatic symphony will create a safe, warm atmosphere. This collection is a personal tribute to that special place we call home.  

Refined Mineral wax with oil content below 0.01%; pure cotton wick

The four candles, whose aromatic structure is built upon a woody base with a floral heart and prominent fruity and citrusy notes, each have their own identity and unique, fragrant accents.
The first candle is characterised by lively notes of grapefruit, the second crisp apple, the third peach and currant, and the fourth a sense of freshness. The background notes, based on precious tonka wood, amber, vanilla, and patchouli, complement the primary notes of magnolia, peach blossom, lavender, and lily of the valley, creating exceptional fragrances that are suited to every environment.

Use the candle for a minimum of 1 hour up to a maximum of 4 consecutive hours; trim the wick to 1 cm in lenght;

About 9 hours


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