Geranium & Sage

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The scent of this candle is waiting to be discovered. It is floral, thanks to the heart essences of geranium and lily of the valley, but it is also woody in the base notes of cedar and sandalwood, unexpectedly fragrant for the head notes of sage and rosemary, the traditional "aromatic". It is a relaxing and anti-stress harmony, an invitation to open up to beauty and spontaneity.

100% refined paraffin wax with oil content below 0.01%; pure cotton wick

Note Di Testa: Salvia, Artemisia, Rosmarino Cuore: Geranio, Foglie Di Menta, Mughetto Fondo: Muschio Bianco, Legno Sandalo, Legno Cedro

Use the candle for a minimum of 1 hour up to a maximum of 4 consecutive hours; trim the wick to 1 cm in lenght;

about 40/45 hours


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