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Essential Java Citronella Oil, with its high geraniol and citronellol content, provides a sweet and fresh bouquet that produces a useful insect-repellent effect. The innovative flame-retardant Paper Bag adds an elegant and eco-friendly touch to any interior or exterior environment. The pure cotton wick ensures long life. The central consumption makes the Paper Bag stable and totally safe and it becomes an amazing lantern to light up the summer with wonderful atmospheres.

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Fireproof paper bag

Citronella scent

Pure cotton wick

The wind-protected flame provides a soft light

Weight approx. 450 g

Sweet and fresh olfactory bouquet due to its geraniol and citronellol content

Place the candle on a flat surface.
Keep the wick cut to a length of 1 cm
For indoor and outdoor use

55 h approx.

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