Private Label: customising products with Cereria Pernici

The choice of private label has become an almost consolidated practice for brands, especially for large fashion or luxury goods brands. For this reason, Cereria Pernici has been offering a personalisation service for its products for several years.

This is an important choice, a path that encompasses a form of collaboration between different realities, in which it is essential to guarantee quality and ensure discretion at all times to its customers.

Why choose to personalise candles and room scenters?

  • Cereria Pernici products, by their very nature, become part of consumers’ daily lives. They enter their homes and become part of an intimate context. This makes it possible to shorten any distance with customers and to trigger a process of greater loyalty, always based on quality.
  • Private labelling allows you to extend the range of products offered by your company, while relying on professionals in a specific sector. In this way, resources are optimised and costs related to raw materials are reduced, as well as intangible costs related to skills. Cereria Pernici is able to provide all kinds of information about its products. The manufacturing process and packaging, to make each step transparent and as close as possible to the world of each brand.

Why choose private label with Cereria Pernici?

  • Cereria Pernici is an ancient waxworks that has consolidated a refined, artisanal and authentic experience in the production of candles and room fragrances. Important brands in the Luxury segment rely on Cereria Pernici because it always respects the highest quality standards, always guaranteeing satisfaction and maximum discretion.
    You can choose between two product lines. The first is Pernici Home Fragrance, characterised by its elegance, sobriety and simplicity of design, and available in different formats (scented candle in 140 g and 320 g glass; fragrance diffuser 100 ml and 250 ml). The second is Le Jardin des Sens, with its distinctive use of pure soy wax and selected fragrances such as amber, verbena, salt crystals and cashmere (190 g and 700 g soy scented candle; room spray, room diffuser and shea butter massage candle). The choice is therefore wide and can be oriented towards distinct solutions, depending on the objective of the brand.
  • Cereria Pernici also offers the possibility of creating one’s own line of candles and room diffusers, personalised with the brand logo and designed to be consistent with the needs and personality of each company. Together we can define the packaging, materials, essences and every aspect of creating your own identity.

To find out more about Cereria Pernici’s private label and to choose which type of product customisation to carry out, we invite you to download the brochure from the website.