Smell Autumn with the new fragrances Elementi

Four new fragrances have been added to the Elementi Collection, our line of simple and essential designs with unique and sophisticated scents.

Let yourself be captivated by the sweetness of Coconut & Mirabelle, the mysticism of Holy Wood & Green Lemon, the freshness of Eucalyptus & Musk and the scent of nature of Tomato Leaf & Petitgrain:

Tomato Leaf & Petitgrain

The tomato leaf is often used to add freshness to a fragrance and give it an open-air feel. It’s all about discovery: base notes of light wood and musk blend with the floral heart of rose and magnolia, culminating in a green top note of tomato leaf.

A flower garden. Lush nature. A tribute to the life around us.

Holy Wood & Green Lemon

Literally ‘Holy Wood’, with purifying effects.

The candle has a mainly woody implant, specifically a sandalwood accent plucked from the citrus notes of cedar peel and Sicilian lemons.

But the most intriguing aspect remains the mystical aspect of this fragrance: it is said that PALOSANTO was used by shamans to protect and accompany good fortune.

Coconut & Mirabelle

This fragrance is dedicated to all those who love sweet, enveloping, warm scents. It is like an embrace. The gourmant base of sugar and vanilla is blended with body notes of coconut milk and mirabelle plum and concludes with the unmistakable scent of coconut.

It will amaze you with its unmistakable sweetness.

Eucalyptus & Musk

Typically associated with its aromatic function, the fragrance of Eucalyptus will amaze.

The typical body notes of the fragrance are balanced by a velvety white musk base but also refreshed by the mint top notes. A kind of balance between opposites. Aromatherapy sources assure that the balsamic notes bring freshness to the environment, making the mind more invigorated and thoughts clearer.