Cereria Pernici teaches you how to light a candle

Knowing how to light a candle in the right way seems to be a matter of course, but it is not. Who hasn’t seen candles that have been blackened, their shape ruined and become unusable over time?

There are steps to follow that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of a candle, its soft light and essence.
Keep these steps in mind:

1. Cut the wick.

Use scissors to make a clean cut in the wick, leaving about 1 cm. When cutting the wick, make sure that no residue is left on the wax, because even small threads or pieces of the wick could be burnt when the candle is lit, ruining the scent. The right size of wick ensures a high, lively flame and does not create smoke. Before each use, therefore, check the size of the wick and remember that it should not exceed 1 cm.

2. How to extinguish the candle.

Cereria Pernici’s production consists of decorative candles and scented candles with different sizes and components. In spite of the differences between them, it is useful to remember that the ideal condition for blowing out the candle in the glass container is reached with the complete melting of the surface in order to avoid the formation of craters and wax deposits on the sides of the container.

3. Check the time.

The optimum time to leave a candle burning is between 2 ½ and 3 ½ hours, with a maximum limit of 4 hours. This means that lighting a candle is a pleasure that requires time and slowness to be fully experienced. If you extinguish the candle prematurely, the wick will begin to sink to the bottom, making it difficult to light for subsequent uses.

4. Do not expose the candle to draughts.

Try to place your candle in an unventilated place in the house which is not affected by constant air movement due to people’s movements. In the event of draughts, close the doors and windows and store the candle in a sheltered place. In this way the flame will burn steadily and the candle box will not be blackened, altering its essence as well as its appearance.

Put these tips on how to light a candle correctly into practice, perhaps by trying the surprises from the Pernici spring-summer 2018 collection “A day in Sorrento“.