Elementi, a return to the essence

Cereria Pernici and its latest 2018 collection before Christmas.

To introduce you to the new Elementi collection, we wanted to talk to the designer who created the graphics, Antonio de Marco. Antonio will reveal some background on the birth of the concept, the style we have sought and the work that has been done.
Ready for a journey through fragrances and botany?


ELEMENTS, the new creation by Cereria Pernici. What is the concept of the collection?

The concept behind the new Elementi collection starts with its name. We wanted it to be understood that a perfume comes from something, and this something is an element of nature, be it a flower, a berry or a mineral. The names of the fragrances are not enigmatic or fanciful, but rather very clear so that you can immediately link a perfume to a natural element.


By what criteria did you match the fragrances to the illustrations on the labels?

Behind the labels there was a long and wonderful search in bookshops and antique print shops for botanical illustrations. A perfume is something ancestral and powerful, able to stimulate parts of our brain and body like no other sense; the link with such an ancient aesthetic was intended to bring us back to the ancestral nature of the elements with which these candles are made.


What was it like working with Cereria Pernici?

Entering the Cereria Pernici laboratory is like entering the back of a small craftsman’s workshop and discovering how an excellent product is created. I found the combination that we designers are looking for: know-how linked to an ancient tradition, but a company mentality that is very much projected towards the future and markets outside our borders. The fact that a waxworks could have technological know-how and research into product innovation immediately seemed to me to be a competitive lever that no one else could boast of. Moreover, the fact that they had the foresight to outsource their new lines made me realise how attentive they are to the market.


With this collection, what feelings and emotions would you like to bring into the homes and environments of the Pernici public?

We don’t want to bring new emotions or feelings, but rather to stimulate and rekindle those that everyone already has within themselves. Fragrances are able to reawaken memories, sensations or emotions that you no longer knew you had. A powerful thing like few others in nature.