With Cereria Pernici, Made in Italy conquers the world

Just back from the China International Import Expo in November, Antonio Pernici took some time out to tell us a little about his experience.
Let’s go and discover the tastes of the Chinese public.

Antonio, tell us everything. Was this your first time in China? How did you find it?

No, it was not the first time. I personally had a long experience in China, specifically in Shanghai. I lived there about 15 years ago.
I was attracted by a “distant world”, but even then it was already in turmoil. I could already feel the desire for redemption and growth in a country too often confined to the Far East. So I decided to open an office in Shanghai to act as a link between our family business and the new world.
Returning to the present day, I won’t deny that everything has evolved at a rate many times faster than in Europe, and more specifically in Italy, but one thing has certainly remained unchanged: the appeal of Italian products on the Chinese market.

The Chinese market is open but with very defined and particular tastes.
Which Pernici products did you present?

We have presented our new Elementi line, a new entry in our product range, conceived and studied to conquer a market attracted by fresh, smart but always essential and tasteful design, aware of the interest that perfume arouses in the buyer.




What were the products most appreciated by the public, and what kind of response did you get from the people you met?

I can proudly confirm that their interest was focused on our flagship product: the Linea Sartoria, the Avvolto Pernici.
These are unique candles in the world, of which we are the only manufacturer, and they have achieved an unexpected success, almost as if it were a ‘new’ product.
I would like to remind you that the candle with the wax sheet has been our trademark since 1892.

China is now a key country for the world economy.
How did you decide to tackle this new challenge?
Try to explain it to us by choosing three key words.

China is a country of a thousand possibilities, a huge market with great potential.
However, I will not deny that there are many trade barriers linked to the regulations in force in the country. We therefore need an answer of high quality, precise service and customisation of a product designed for the Chinese market, without forgetting speed of production.
In short: customisation, speed and precision.