Autumn, its aroma, your fragrance

Looking for ideas for your home? Check out our four must-haves for themed scenting of your rooms

Autumn is in the air, but what about at home?
If you want to “decorate” your home with the typical fragrances of the season, we have some advice for you.
From essential oils to perfumers, we recommend 4 olfactory ingredients you can’t do without for autumn 2018.

1. Black Pepper

A very sensual olfactory note with a strong personality, black pepper has spicy base notes that evoke the Orient and its warm, energising power.
Black pepper is mainly used in summer, but it is also perfect for autumn days as it introduces us slowly, pleasantly and with balance into the new season.
It is often associated with woods, but for the Elementi collection we dared to go further by combining it with tonka bean which makes it almost… crunchy!
Recommended for: the living room.

2. Ginger

Among the ideal essential oils for autumn are some that regulate serotonin and melatonin levels to cope with the shorter days and to support our immune system, particularly the respiratory tract: one of these is undoubtedly ginger.
Its aroma is also a wonderful mood-booster, encouraging optimism and mental clarity.
Ginger goes well with sandalwood, cardamom and cinnamon, but also with mandarin.
In the Elementi collection, it is combined with lemon for a fresh and, yes, thirst-quenching effect.
Recommended for: the kitchen.


3. Sage

In the Elementi collection we have proposed sage next to camellia.
The aroma of sage diffused in the room immediately creates a welcoming, stimulating and creative atmosphere. Its anti-inflammatory, balsamic, digestive and emollient properties make it a fragrance that is both strong and gentle, the favourite of those seeking Mediterranean suggestions.
Recommended for: the bathroom.


4. Amber

Amber, with its marvellous colour, is in perfumery in general one of the oldest and most widely used ingredients.
Amber is a talc note, pleasantly powdery, and for this reason it recalls a luxury and a retro, sophisticated taste.
With the Elementi collection we have opted for amber and wood, an arrangement that celebrates the intimacy of cosy spaces where light plays with frosted glass and transparencies for a vital but elegant and precious atmosphere, like the colour of amber itself, and certainly warm and embracing.
Recommended for: the veranda (to be furnished with fabrics and plants like an orangery).

Have you thought about trying them all or have you found one that struck your heart?
You can discover our interpretations by purchasing one of the Elementi candles.
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