Chi Siamo


Green instinct


The tradition of Cereria Pernici is combined with the most brilliant technology, as we are convinced that style must keep abreast of the times. All our collections have always stood out for their great refinement as far as both design and type of decorations and their application are concerned.

A perfect example is our use of a CO2  laser, one of the most frequently used machines for processes of an industrial nature, and others, as it ensures quality and high precision. With a fashion-inspired cut, we decorate sheets of metallized wax, creating airy, graphic fairy-tale shapes and forms.
The skilful hands of our craftsmen then have the task of wrapping the candles, one by one, with these magic sheets: the Pernici avvolto (wrapped candle).

A fascinating technique that is added to other more classic ones which have never been forgotten, such as silk-screen printingembossing and inkjet printing.

New machinery and new technological trends make Cereria Pernici an international company to all effects, able to meet a considerable demand with its output. However, what distinguishes us is the tailor-made approach with which we treat every single item in our collections. From the original idea to realization, at each stage care is taken with the smallest details, not to mention the packaging.

Imagine the life of a Pernici candle: firstly, it’s thought up by our creative department, then some prototypes are observed to check workmanship and quality and, lastly, the shape chosen is realized with a die; then in our workshop it is either coloured manually or wrapped with the laser-cut sheets of wax, all carried out with scrupulous passion by our expert craftsmen.

One last touch and the candle can be carefully placed in its packaging, ready reach your homes. From us to you.

Another fundamental value that Cereria Pernici has always believed to be very important is respect for the environment.
This is why we say “yes” to innovation and new technology, but with the care we have always had for the environment. Since 2011 our buildings have been equipped with high-tech photovoltaic panels for the generation of electricity with a reduction of CO2 emission.

The vegetable wax  we use, free from by-products of animal origin, always ensures the best burning, longer life and total non-toxicity; our wicks are made from pure cotton, with no lead or nylon (or from wood), whereas the essences and fragrances are obviously selected with great exactitude.
Clear thoughts, a steady hand and clean energy: that’s how our candles are made.