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Le Jardin des Sens is a line created for an all-round sensorial experience able to stimulate all our senses: smell, thanks to the fragrances diffuse by our perfumes, sight, thanks to the relaxing atmosphere of a candle-lit environment, hearing, thanks to the crackling of the special wood wick, touch, thanks to the massage, and taste, thanks to the real perception of wellness created by the sensorial approach.


Scented candle

d 75 mm – h 90 mm – approximate burning time: 40 h

Scented candle with three wicks

d 120 mm – h 15o mm – approximate burning time: 75 h circa

Air freshner

90 mm x 140 mm

Air freshner (spray)

60 mm x 140 mm

Massage candle

d 65 mm – h 50 mm

d 90 mm – h 75 mm



This sweet and sensual fragrance, holds warm milk top notes.
Its creamy vanilla and tonka bean heart notes merce at its base with the brown sugar aroma.


This fragrance, refined and velvety, enclosed fruity top notes of peach.
Its rose wood and patchouli heart notes, combine with the sweet smell of vanilla at its base.

Cristalli di sale

This fresh and lively fragrance owns top notes that remind of the ocean breeze.
The jasmine bloom and vibrant patchouli heart notes blend with the more comforting musk base notes.

Foglia di verbena

Light and aromatic fragrance that impresses with its grapefruit zest top notes.
The litsea cubeba and Melissa officials heart notes combine with the lasting verbena leaves base notes.


This rare and precious fragrance contains warm frankincense top notes.
Its sensual wood and golden amber heart notes are mixed with the benzoin retinoid base notes.


A comforting and relaxing fragrance focused on lavender, which is shaded by citrus and eucalyptus in the head and then reveal a more flowery side in the heart, thanks to a noble jasmine, the clary sage and labdanum. On the bottom, vanilla and white musk give roundness and softness to the sensual notes of amber, tonka bean and sandalwood.

Rosa imperiale

A vibrant fragrance, sweet, juicy, crisp, combining floral notes of rose, peony and red fruit in citrus facets of lemon and bergamot.
The base note is heated through musk and patchouli.


A fresh fragrance that includes the scent of mediterranean herbs. The mint mixes with the perfume of cassis and thyme, revealing an heart of rosemary. Lastly, the base notes spreads the sweetness of fig and rosewood.

Elisir d'Inverno

A vaporous and intense fragrance with notes of cardamom. The spicy scent mixes with patchouli, iris and cedar tree facets. The base note spreads the purity of amber and white musk.

Mountain Air

A light fragrance, aromatic revealing a pine and subsequently effect, a blend of aromatic-woody notes.
Eucalyptus, mastic and incense give rise to a rich and enveloping heart.
To enhance the fragrance in the bottom, they intended prevail notes of sandalwood, cedar and vanilla.